Winter Rose

I don’t know what to do with my rose bush. It’s four feet tall and drooping. Most of the leaves and branches are still green, so it’s not obvious to me where to prune. One website says prune in the spring.

Oh, the rose bush was easy when it was little. I put a big flower pot over it to protect it during its first few winters. It’s been taller the past couple of winters, and now it covers half the window it grows in front of. Except that it’s all hunched over like a teenager.

Not so many years ago, i thought i’d buy one rosebush in memory of my grandmother, who had several rosebushes. She always had cut roses on her kitchen table. I wish i could ask her what to do.

Maybe there’s nothing “to do” right now. Let winter take its course. Let the rose tell me what “to do” with it

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