The Best Ways to Rid Your Yard of GroundhogsToday has been full of unexpected sightings–a groundhog grazing in the grass, a skunk waddling across the driveway, and a deer browsing on one of my woodland paths. The groundhog and the deer just look at me and go on about their business. The skunk scurried out of sight under the front step. What’s a gardener to do? Well, i immediately closed the garage doors, for one thing.

I have a groundhog trap baited with watermelon, sitting right on the groundhog’s usual path, but after 3 days, i’m still waiting.

How do we trap those pesky mental habits that bother us in meditation? Get to know them. When and how do they spring up? Track them. What are the earliest warning signs? And then, what’s the warning sign that’s even earlier than that? You can’t deport mental pests like you can small wildlife pests.

Patience. Again.


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