Walking Toward Death

We took a walk on our private road after sunset last evening. A strange truck was parked along the side. Hunters! i thought with resistance. Hunting season has started.

Fifteen minutes later, as we returned in the deepening dusk, the truck was gone, but it hadn’t passed us. Ah! There it was, near our driveway. Six people in camo were clustered around the back of the truck. Adam introduced himself and his wife Allie, their 10-year-old daughter, someone’s father, a couple of other friends. And….

A dead bear in the back of the truck. About a hundred pounds.

It was Novice & Youth hunting weekend, and Allie shot the bear in the apple orchard that adjoins my property. She was looking for a deer, but then a bear walked up the path, toward her.

Vermont has the densest bear population in the country–one for every 3 square miles.

We are all walking toward our death, even though we think we are going somewhere else. Death may surprise us. Or maybe not.

Here’s my prayer for today:

Today is a good day to die.

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