Tiny Flowers

Petite pushkinia is popping up in the grass near my flower beds. Does it reseed itself there? Or do the chipmunks carry it and bury it? Or do the tiny bulblets drop, unnoticed, while i’m transplanting something else?

We don’t know where some of our behaviors come from. Oh, sure, we can guess, but we don’t truly know when and where they were planted. Parents? Friends? Past lives?

Really, all that matters are that the habits are here now. Are they beautiful states of mind? Or unskillful?

We bear the consequences of our actions–whether they are beautiful flowers or weeds.

Your choice.

1 thought on “Tiny Flowers

  1. Thank you for this reminder, Cheryl. I have found myself searching for the cause of some unskillful habits. I am beginning to see this as misdirected energy. The source doesn’t matter; uprooting the weeds is enough work each season.

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