Tiny Bananas

One of things i love about a trip to the tropics is the easy access to my favorite tropical fruits. Besides papaya, i love tiny bananas. These bananas are about 3 inches long–just the right size for 3 bites. They are already nicely ripe, sweet, and delicious.

In the case of bananas, small is better (in my opinion). Small is also good in meditation.

When we sit, we decrease the inflow of possibilities and simply notice what’s here, right now. Breath. Sensation. Hearing. Maybe seeing; if your eyes are closed, you may see vague images, for instance. And, of course, thoughts. Maybe lots of thoughts. Shrink your attention even more to notice the half-second gap between thoughts. That’s really small!

Oh, the small circumference of attention feels so sweet, it’s tasty.

So are tiny bananas.

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