Summer Harvest Begins

Purple Sweet Pea Seeds

Today i picked my first red raspberries and purple peapods. Here comes summer! Fresh off the bush, fresh off the vine. Summer tastes great.

I planted peas in mid-April. I staked them up in June, adding a picket of bamboo stakes to support the vines growing up, up, up. I defended them from voles, and lost only one vine, chewed off at ground level. The raspberries were pruned last fall. Months–two or ten–after the tending, my efforts bear fruit (or vegetables).

The same goes for our meditation. We sit. The mind wanders. We stake up our mindfulness with the support of sitting with friends on Zoom. We read a Dharma book and feel inspired. Try, try, try again. Five minutes. Ten. Twenty. Half an hour.

Calm arrives despite a busy mind. Rest and enjoy the fruits of your labors.

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