Suet for the Woodpecker

While I was packing the remains of the Christmas ham into baggies, i trimmed off the fat and put it in the suet feeder. The woodpecker loves it. She spends long minutes pecking at the ham fat and scaring off any intruders. Those downy woodpeckers may be small, but they are at the top of the pecking order around here.

The downy is protecting her territory. But, of course, if we look closely, we see that it is not “her” territory. Maybe it’s mine–for a minute. The tufted titmouse comes when the woodpecker takes a break.

Is any of the stuff we claim as “mine” actually mine? I have usership for a while. Then someone else uses it–whatever the it may be. I own nothing it turns out.

Except my actions. The only property i actually own are my actions.

Unlike the woodpecker, i strive to be generous. Generous to the downy woodpecker.

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