Rooting Cuttings

I’m taking cuttings of my houseplants–begonias, geraniums, purple-leaved wandering jew–to root in jars of water.

Leggy begonias and leggy geraniums don’t root that easily. But roots sprout very easily from a place on the stem where a new offshoot of growth is just beginning.

The Buddha gave us several lists of skillful qualities, and it’s up to us to try to root these in our lives. Here’s the list for taking the high road in our daily life as often as possible.

The 5 Precepts of Integrity
Today I intend to:
Do no harm to anyone;
Take nothing that is not freely given;
Use my sexual energy wisely;
Speak truthfully and helpfully;
and Keep my mind clear.

Choose just one and begin to root it in your life today.

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