Red, White, & Blue

I don’t think of myself as a red, white, and blue type of gal, but when i walk out the front door, there they are. Cerise red yarrow, white astilbe, and blue Chinese forget-me-nots.

Of course, the flowers don’t know what country they are growing in nor do they know the state nor the name of the road. The Chinese forget-me-nots have no idea that they are from China. They simply grow.

Flowers have no ideas about color either–another mental construct, or, in Buddhist-speak, a mental formation. We have a perception, and then we assign meaning. Meaning is not actually inherent in red or white or blue or in the serendipitous combination of those colors.

Borders are a mental construction. The border between the space around our body and our body is another mental construct. We are simply growing.

Bloom where you are planted. Freely.

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