Red Raspberry Patience

Raspberries: How to Plant, Grow, and Harvest Raspberries | The Old Farmer's  AlmanacRed raspberries are slowly beginning to ripen. Today i picked just enough for my cereal. I’m ready, but they are not–yet.

Patience my dear. Patience is the quality that remedies just about every unskillful state. Greedy for more raspberries? Patience. Irritated at garden pests? Patience. Confused about what to do? Patience. Anxious? Patience. Worried? Patience.

I learned impatience from my father. I could say it’s an inherited trait. One of my first heart-to-heart talks with my mother, when i was 9 years old,  had to do with my impatience. I didn’t want to be that sort of person, but how could i stop it?

My personal mantra for today is Infinite Patience.

It’s a good thing i don’t need infinite patience for the raspberries.


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