Papaya for Breakfast

We are in Puerto Rico, soaking up sunshine before gardening season begins. I’ve been buying papayas at roadside stands. Delicious, totally ripe papayas. And so good for the elimination system. Tropical prunes, you could say, but more fun to eat.

There are a few qualities we might like to eliminate from our minds–self-judgment, for instance. Anxiety, worry, laziness, fear–to name just a few. Unfortunately, we cannot just say “Be gone!” Nor can we wish them away. These unskillful qualities are here for a reason: To protect you. Probably to protect your inner child. But now you’re a grown-up, a big person, and you can take care of yourself.

Self-care starts with mother-love (that your mother may not have given you), so you’ll have to give it to yourself. Reparent yourself with metta–loving-kindness.

In other words, substitute the opposite. Substitute the opposite of self-judgment with kindness to yourself.

Eliminate the negative by accentuating the positive.

Kindness toward myself begins with a papaya every morning.

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