Oh, No.

I finally focused on the invasive worm scare that i’ve been hearing about. All the worms in my vegetable garden are the jumping worms that eat up everything, including roots of plants. They leave behind, not beautiful, rich worm castings, which fertilize the soil, but loose, granular soil the texture of coffee grounds that sterilizes the soil. This altered soil no longer retains moisture, lacks nutrients and quickly erodes.

The first thing i am doing is stopping giving away plants. I know these jumping worms live in my compost, and i use my compost to pot up my give-away perennials. For all i know, the compost if full of the eggs of the jumping worms.

I feel so sad.

I gave a Dharma talk yesterday on accepting things as they are. Here is an example of not accepting things as they are. I want to be able to give away my extra plants. Now i am going to give them all to my compost pile.

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