Ice Needles

Conditions are right for ice needles when the ground is not frozen but the air is. The water in the ground freezes before the dirt does, giving rise to beautiful prisms of ice, which extrude out of the ground like pasta.

One of my gardens, which i now see has seeping water not far below the surface, is positively crunchy with ice needles.

Our thoughts, our words, our behaviors “extrude” out of our personalities when conditions arise. We call these “habits.”

Name one, just one, of your bad habits now.

I have a friend who has a habit of needling others in what he considers to be a humorous way. He explained that he is constantly trying to be at the top of the heap. (I think it’s a male sort of thing.)

The very first thing to do is to become aware of the bad habit. No judgments. That’s all.

Later, you can become aware of the conditions that give rise to this bad habit.

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