Houseplants Outdoors

I  hauled all (well, almost all) my houseplants out of my solarium this morning to the front step, because the cleaning woman was coming today. I left a big mess of dirt and leaves in the solarium and an obstacle course for anyone trying to enter the front door. At least, the houseplants are outdoors and the solarium is empty. Ahhh.

There remains sorting, repotting, trimming, and re-organizing. I decided to give my biggest jade plants away, but i sawed off side shoots to transplant. I put cuttings, which i rooted back in February, into pots. I transplanted begonias into my flower beds. Plants were going every which way. Whew.

The solarium is now empty. Empty. As in nothing is there.

When people ask about the concept of Emptiness, the best i can say is that it’s like an empty room. Nothing is there. No-thing. It’s the first thing you notice. Emptiness.

Emptiness cannot be understood. It has to be seen. My solarium is empty of plants. It is so relaxing.

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