Making Bat Guano Tea Mix - Composting Bat Manure For TeaA gardening friend offered a bucket of bat guano to our little gardening club. Since no one else took it, i did. Guano is strong stuff, capable of burning plants, so i added it to my compost pile. I do like adding a layer of manure to my compost lasagna. However, this is the first time i added bat s**t.

Batshit is a vulgar word meaning completely crazy. Mad. In other words, full of suffering. I’m pretty sure each of us has gone batshit at some time or other in our lives. Not a proud moment that we like to recall. The memory is more dukkha.

Recognize suffering and discontent when it happens. Allow mindfulness to stay with the pain and discomfort. To cut down on the amount of guano in your life, let go of wanting things to be different than they are. (Much easier said than done.) Start by noticing, over and over, what you want to be different.

As one of my friends say, the toothpaste is out of the tube. Or in this simile, the guano is out of the bat. Take a close look at it. Let it grow the next chapter of your life.



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