Geranium Cuttings

Introducing the class of 2022!

The geranium cuttings i took a few weeks ago when i trimmed the parent plants back to ground level look surprisingly healthy. The offshoots are rooting (i hope) in a medium of sand and vermiculite. It looks like i might have as many as 60 baby geraniums. I would be happy with ten.

Did you notice how i created stress in those last two sentences?

I had an idea–“60 baby geraniums.” Then i had another idea, “ten.” The mind naturally wants to compare the two. Sixty would be a lot; ten would be not too many. I might be happy with more; i might be disappointed with less. Happy with more = stress, because what would i do with too many geraniums? Sad with fewer = stress because the comparing mind thinks it could have been otherwise. But “otherwise” is just an idea. Just an empty idea.

Could i be contented and easily satisfied with whatever happens?


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