Borrowed Beauty

At our Airbnb condo in Puerto Rico, the neighbor’s shrubbery hangs over our backyard fence. The neighbor, Pepe, is a landscape architect, and his tiny backyard is stuffed with beautiful plants.

I particularly enjoy the Allamanda waving in the ocean breeze–perhaps bidding us farewell.

One of the beauties of this gated community is the green grass and landscaping. Garden designers call it borrowed landscape. You look out the window and enjoy your neighbor’s yard or tree or flowering shrubs.

In meditation, we borrow the wisdom of our teachers. This helps us fake it till we make that wisdom our own. By acting better than we might otherwise, we begin to develop new neural networks. We begin to recondition our old bad habits.

Go ahead. Borrow beauty from your neighbor. Borrow wisdom from your teacher


1 thought on “Borrowed Beauty

  1. Very glad to read your blog.
    As you do, I appreciate every gift nature gives us. I enjoy the plants and their flowers, the breeze, smell and the sound of the ocean and the coquíes singing us every night.

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