Azalea Patience

This evening, my garden group went to visit an azalea garden. Doug has collected seed and grown dozens of azaleas from seed. His specialty is azaleas in the orange-flamingo-salmon-peach range of colors–each one breath-taking, some of them bi-color.

How much patience does it take to grow an azalea from seed to flower? Three years, according to Doug. Meanwhile, Melissa said she waited 10 years for one of her peach-colored azaleas to bloom after she bought it from Doug.

Patience is a beautiful virtue. Patience is the remedy for irritation. Patience remedies greed. Patience is an aspect of kindness.

You can’t push the river, and you can’t push some flowers to bloom. Surrender to the azalea. It knows more about azalea blooms than you do.



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