About The Book

In this wise, down-to-earth book, Master Gardener and mindfulness meditation teacher Cheryl Wilfong lovingly offers us a rich bouquet of the Buddha’s teachings. Her gentle, friendly, and humorous tone creates a nurturing environment in which to practice mindfulness in our very own gardens. Wilfong invites us to stroll through our flowerbeds, appreciating them just as they are, and noticing the joy they bring us.

Let The Meditative Gardener be your guide. Beginning meditators will find practical easy-to-follow suggestions. Lapsed meditators can refresh their practice. And seasoned meditators will appreciate the variety of wisdom practices that can be transplanted into daily life in the garden.

While sitting, walking, or bending over (a gardener’s favorite position), become aware of the present moment. Notice feelings of happiness, pleasure, and calm as you take refuge from the busy world in the sanctuary of your garden. Observe the mind in a pleasure garden. Use naturally-occurring contemplation to gain insight into the Dharma, the laws of nature.

You may not have done all the weeding or planting you had hoped, but appreciate that you are doing the best you can. As you sit in the shade of your own back yard, simply hold this book in your lap. Allow The Meditative Gardener to help you nourish the seed of enlightenment that is already growing in your heart. Use the tools of mindfulness and kindness toward yourself to discover how to cultivate your garden and meditation practice at the same time.