120 Year Old Rhododendrons

I toured Rudyard Kipling’s Vermont house and walked through a tunnel of 120-year-old rhododendrons. The tunnel was 200 feet long, and the rhododendrons were 20 feet tall. I felt quite safe and protected in this airy, yet covered “tunnel” of rhododendron branches.

Would that our spiritual path was so straightforward. Sometimes, we just have to trust that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The protection of our spiritual path begins with sila–acting with integrity, no matter the circumstances.

This morning, i recommended to a friend that she apologize for an email he sent last week. She’s not going that direction. I apologize for stepping on peoples’ toes, even when i feel i am “right.” She is sure she is right, therefore, she’s not apologizing.

When we behave from a base of kindness, we sometimes find ourselves walking through a lonely tunnel, trusting that the light of right action will eventually bear fruit. Or flowers.


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